RGBW Controller

Freely integrable color LED controller

RGBW Controller
Vendanor RGBW Controller

The Vendanor RGBW Controller is typically used for color management of LED-lights. It offers instant control of four PWM channels through MQTT over Ethernet, and by a modern interface integrable with your project and application.

Open-source, contribute, modify, or use the free micro-controller software.
Made for industrial use, but works just as fine for any project and application.
Can also be used for other applications such as controlling step-motors.
MQTT controllable by your favorite programming language.
Optimum uptime and stability through Ethernet connectivity.
Slim form factor for elegant placement. Can be mounted with DIN rail casing.

Modern interface

We developed this RGBW controller to enable light regulation on our products through modern interfaces. At the same time, we saw that the controller could be sold as an independent product, as we could not find any equivalents.

Thus, we this for sale and free availability, while using the controller in our own product as well.

For Vendanor, open-source and free licenses are an important part of the technology stack. It's no secret that that we stand on the shoulders of thousands of contributors. It is therefor the right thing to do for Vendanor to give something back to the open-source community, while acknowledging that the product is getting stronger and better as an open-source project. Therefore, we are proud that the micro-controller software for this device is released as open-source under a free license, for free use and modification.

Technical specifications

87 mm
34 mm
18 mm
4, common anode
PWM, ≤ 250 Hz
Combined output effect
≤ 300 W
MQTT over Ethernet
Optional, DIN-mountable

Coming for sale

The Vendanor RGBW Controller will come for sale during 2022.

If you wish to be notified of this, you can send an email to post@vendanor.com.

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