Propane vending machine

Sell propane cylinders fully automated 24/7

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The Vendanor propane vending machine is the most reliable in the market. The machine is attractive and easy to spot, easy to use, independent and filled with smart solutions.


100% self-service, high usability and intuitive interaction.


Worry-free uptime warranty with Vendanor Care.


Automatic classification ensures that only desired cylinder types can be swapped.


Always online with Vendanor Connect for remote control and 24/7 monitoring.


Sell new full gas bottle or let the customer switch used to new.


Sustainable, developed for Nordic climate, with own branding opportunities.


Complies with all requirements and regulations for safe gas storage.


Integrable with your existing business systems.

Hassle-free cylinder swapping

The customer inserts their empty propane cylinders, pays the amount you have decided, and gets out a full propane cylinder ready for use.

It is also possible to buy a full cylinder without swapping.

The propane vending machine must of course be replenished with new cylinders, as well as the empty ones must be removed. The machine automatically notifies you when it's time for replenishment, and you can check the current inventory online at any time.

Advanced but simple

Butikken logo

Initially I was skeptical about propane vending machines, I was afraid customers would not come into the store. But they actually do. And in addition, we are perceived as a little trendy, after we got the vending machine.

Eivind Skarbø

Store manager - FK Butikken Sørlandsparken

Jernia logo

When we got a propane vending machine, we were able to reduce the evening shifts in our store to one person. With old cylinder cabinets we had to be two persons at work, in case there was someone to swap cylinders. This is a significant cost reduction.

Øystein Pettersen

General manager - Jernia Tananger

AGA logo

Since we partnered to install propane vending machines, sales in some places have increased significantly. And best of all, the consumer doesn't have to queue to be served. The customer helps himself and it takes maximum of two minutes to swap a propane cylinder.

Morten Roness

Head of Consumer sales - AGA

Rogaland Gass logo

I have long been sure that propane vending machines are the way forward for our industry, and that it is important to be an early adapter. So far I have invested in 6 machines with great luck. This is what the consumer wants. But it's no use believing that it's just placing them out, and all is going by itself.

Kjell Tore Digernes

Managing director - Rogaland Gass

Technical specifications

With a capacity of 48 cylinders and a footprint of less than 5m², the automatic is efficient in area use. Advanced technology ensures the correct classification of the propane cylinders.

The machine is easy to install, is delivered plug-and-play and requires only power connection and leveling before operation. The propane vending machine can be placed according to the same regulations as other cabinets for storing gas cylinders.

A gas detector is installed in the vending machine to detect random gas emissions. In the unlikely event of a gas leakage, the machine will respond automatically with notifications and alarms, and make a safe shutdown, depending on the extent of the leakage.

Dimension and capacity

Width243 cm
Depth194 cm
Height240 cm
Total weight1100 kg
Temperature range-20°C til +40°C
Voltage and current1 phase, 230V / 50Hz
120W standby / 1000W max
Capacity48 cylinders
Cylinder typesSteel, composite , 5kg - 13kg
Max. height 61,5cm
PaymentCredit and debit card
CEMD 2006/42/EC
2014/30/EU EMC
2014/53/EU RED

Worry-free operation

Service, monitoring and support agreements provide you with continuous sales.

Vendanor Care

Full control, all the time

With the remote control and monitoring app and website, you get up-to-date information about your vending machine and sales at all times

Vendanor Connect

Let your customers come to you

With the public app and website, propane customers can easily find the nearest propane vending machine, including yours.

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