Windshield washer fluid dispenser

Sell plastic-free washer fluid 24/7

Windscreen washer fluid dispenser in environment
Windscreen washer fluid dispenser

With the Vendanor windshield washer fluid dispenser, you and your customers reduce plastic waste. Packaging-free washer fluid is dispensed directly into the vehicle and is available 24/7. The machine is online and alerts when it needs replenishment.

Environment friendly, cuts unnecessary waste.
100% self-service, high usability and intuitive purchase process.
Complies with all requirements and regulations for storage of washer fluid, universal design and secure payment.
Integrable with your existing business systems.
Sustainable, developed for the Nordic climate, with its own profiling opportunities.
Worry-free uptime warranty with Vendanor Services.
Always online with Vendanor Connect for remote control and 24/7 monitoring.

No plastic, only windshield washer fluid

The future is already here, the environmental focus has never been greater. At the same time, the solutions must be simpler and better, both for the end customer and for those who sell windshield washer fluid.

The customer parks the vehicle in front of the dispensing machine, pays the price you have decided and starts dispensing. The dispensing is completed faster, cleaner and easier than with traditional plastic packaging.

The windshield washer fluid dispenser must of course be replenished. The machine notifies when it's time, and you can check your current capacity online at any time. Fast replenishment takes place through a separate high-capacity flowline, with standard industrial connectors.

Convenient quality

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Technical specifications

The windshield washer fluid dispenser has a gross capacity of 1500 liters and with a footprint of approximately 1.5m² it is efficient in area use. Smart solutions in the machine provide efficient and safe operation.

It's easy to install the dispenser machine, it's plug-and-play and it only requires power connection and leveling before operation.

Dimension and capacity

220 cm
130 cm
120 cm
Gross capacity
1500 litres
1 phase, 230V / 50Hz
150W standby, 600W max
Replenish time
10 minutes
Total weight
500 kg
Credit and debit card

Worry-free operation

Service, monitoring and support agreements provide you with continuous sales.

Full control, all the time

With the remote control and monitoring app and website, you get up-to-date information about your vending machine and sales at all times.

Want to know more?

Please contact us for questions, purchase of a machine or demonstration. We are at your service!

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