Privacy statement

Vendanor AS

Data controller

Vendanor AS, by the chief executive officer, is responsible for the processing of personal data for:

  • Employees and hired personnel
  • Contact details of customers, references, suppliers and others that are usually publicly available
  • Candidates for future positions

The purpose of the processing of the personal data

Vendanor AS collects and stores personal data necessary in order for us to exercise the necessary dialogue with and fulfil our obligations to customers, suppliers and employees.

It is voluntary to provide personal information by request by email or phone. We use the personal data in order to provide feedback to the person who contacts us. In order for us to send an e-mail to the right person, those who contact Vendanor AS must register their name and e-mail address.

Legal basis

The statement contains information you are entitled to when personal data is collected and stored, and general information about how we process personal data.

The legal basis of the declaration is enshrined in the Personal Data Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If you have any questions about your privacy rights in Vendanor AS, please contact the general manager by email at

What personal data is processed

Customers and Suppliers

Vendanor AS processes personal data about customers and suppliers in its systems.

Necessary information is recorded in order for the customer and supplier relationship to be exercised, including the necessary information to carry out correspondence, payment, invoicing and delivery.


Vendanor AS processes personal data about its employees in its systems. This is in order to manage payroll and personnel responsibilities. Necessary information is recorded for the employment and for the payment of wages.

Information about the employees is collected from the employees themselves and is provided only in connection with salary payments and other statutory disclosures. The deletion procedures for personnel information follow the Accounting Act and the Records Act. Information about the name, position and work area is considered to be public information and can be published.

Where do we get the personal data from

Personal data relating to customers and suppliers is collected by the establishment of customer/supplier relationships to the extent necessary to carry out contractual relationships between Vendanor AS and customer/suppliers. Information is collected directly from the customer/supplier by e-mail, telephone or by direct contact.

Regarding personal data relating to employees of the company, information that is necessary and legally required in connection with the employment relationship is collected. Information is collected from the employee when drafting a contract of employment.


We log interaction information using Google Analytics. The information logged cannot be traced back to individuals. The information is collected to analyse how visitors use the website, so we can improve the pages in further development.

If you do not want the website to store cookies on your device, you can withdraw your consent by changing your browser settings. How to do this can be read about on under How to manage cookies (

The use of cookies is regulated by Section 3-7b of the Ekom Act.

IP addresses in access logs are stored for 14 days. Google Analytics is used as a traffic analysis tool where IP address tracking functionality and ad usage are disabled.

Google Analytics

The web analytics service is provided by Google, Inc. (Google) and uses cookies. These cookies are stored on your PC:

  • _ga: stored for 24 months
  • _gid: stored for 24 hours

Google may transfer the statistics to third parties if required by law or in cases where third parties process the information on behalf of Google. Google collects and protects data and stores it on its servers.

The legal basis for this processing is Article 6, paragraph 1 b of the GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION.

Email and SMS marketing

If you have an active customer relationship with us, we may send you marketing by email or with other electronic communication methods in accordance with Section 15 of the Marketing Act. It includes newsletters and other inquiries regarding content, services, offers, promotions and events from us, our partners and partners via email, telephone, SMS, mail/letter and social media.

However, if you do not have an active customer relationship, we will only send such marketing if you have given us your consent. Your personal data can also be used to customize this communication.

You can opt out of marketing requests at any time and free of charge through the opt-out feature in your emails/SMS.

Disclose the information to third parties

We do not initially share personal data with other companies, except for information to our partners who need the information in order to provide services to us. If we disclose personal data, we enter into agreements with the relevant third parties that limit their ability to use the information.

We will also be able to disclose information in individual cases required by law, for example to public authorities if there are suspicions of offences.

Managing and deleting personal data

You may influence what personal information we should have about you and how we will use them. If you notice errors in the information we have about you, you can change this by contacting us so that we can correct this. You have the right to request access to the personal data pursuant to Section 18 of the Personal Data Act and Section 18 of the GDPR. 15.

You also have the right to have your treatment restricted in certain cases in accordance with gdpr art. 18. You are entitled to delete all of our information about you at solicitation, without traceability, as long as we are not required by law to store them. You can contact us regarding this and suspend your customer relationship by email to

If you believe that Vendanor AS has not complied with your rights under the Personal Data Act, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority. This is done by submitting a complaint to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. Contact information is available on

Securing personal data

Vendanor AS uses appropriate security measures to protect personal data that is under our control against unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, disclosure, copying, modification or disposal.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We will periodically update or change the Privacy Policy.


The manager at Vendanor AS is general managerĀ Sverre Magne Haugen.
Phone: +47 92 40 42 98