About Vendanor

Vendanor is a technology development and production company headquartered in Norway. We work at the intersection of mechanical engineering, automation and computer technology. We develop and manufacture self-service vending machines for the international market. Sustainability, quality and integrity are important to us, we are the sure choice.


Business idea

Vendanor develops and sells vending machines that are integrated into cloud management solutions and services to give our customers a completely worry-free vending machine.

The vending machines are the tool for our customers to simplify and modernize their consumer sales.

Vendanor is an independent supplier of vending machines and has no other connection to the industries we operate in, other than serving as a supplier and manufacturer of automated solutions.

We cater to retailers in industries that see benefits and profitability in having self-service solutions and always strive to have the best solutions, reliability and customer service on the market.


The four main values of Vendanor are reflected in all the work we do with high dedication.

Sustainability and environment

Vendanor develops products that promote environmental efforts. At the same time, we are clear that the products and solutions must also be simpler and better than traditional solutions they replace.

Promoting environmental efforts goes hand in hand with economic prudence. That's why our solutions and products are naturally a tool for economic growth for our customers, ensuring the success factors for the future.
Automated processes make it possible to reduce emissions, energy and material consumption, as well as increase earnings. Welcome to a sustainable future!


In 2013 Vendanor was created as a spin-off from the industrial and entrepreneurial cluster in Stryn. The company was founded with two objectives: developing a propane vending machine for sale and swapping of gas cylinders become the market leader in the Nordic region.

After 1.5 years of development, the finished product was presented to the market. It wasn't long before the largest players in the gas industry noticed our great product. In 2016, Danish Kosan Gas came on board as one of our first major customers. Towards the end of 2017, Linde Gases followed. Several small and large gas players entered our customer portfolio along the way.

When the different year 2020 came along, we dare to claim that purchasing propane cylinders from vending machines has become the de facto standard in the markets we operate in.

Vendanor is an industry independent company, and by utilizing the experience gained from the propane vending machine, the path is set for continued portfolio expansion.

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